drawing final exam

1. My favorite project in this class is most definetly the "oh the places we will go" project. The theme of this project was to draw some place you either dream of going or have been to. I thought of many places on earth but I figured they'd be too basic and I felt like everyone else would be doing a place on earth so I decided to draw the moon. The materials I used for this is water color, pens and markers. With the water color I made a purple wash for the background and painted the moon gray to give it a rocky texture. I colored the planets in the background with marker and stippled with pen all over to add value. even though stippling is a time consuming technique, I am very pleased with the dramatic effect it had on the whole picture. The only negative factor I had with using stippling is I couldn't do the drawing on a bigger sheet of paper like everybody else. Overall I think every choice I made was a good one because my picture flows together and the value is on point.

2. I definitely overcame the most struggles in the look at that animal move project. I chose to draw a sleeping fox for this assignment because I wanted my picture to have more of a relaxed dreamy look. The most frustrating thing I overcame was drawing the fur because I had to draw every single strand and make sure it was all going in the correct direction. Creating the grass was another struggle because the grass had to surround the fox so the it didn't look like it was floating and I had to shade the grass around the fox which was difficult. Making the sky fade out to create a sunset was also tricky, I had to keep going over the sky to make sure it was a smooth but obvious transition. Choosing to draw a sleeping animal was a little risky because look at that animal MOVE was supposed to be an animal in action but I really loved the idea of a sleeping fox. To make the drawing look less plain and simple I had to add extra things and specific details without taking the focus away from the fox. I learned that the risks I took and the problems I came across made me a better artist, now I have more patience with my artwork.

3. When I first started out in drawing I wasn't very open minded when it came to brain storming for a project. I think I was scared to challenge myself because I thought I'd mess up. As you can see in one of my first projects "interesting perspective" I wasn't thinking outside the box. The drawing was way to plain and simple. Nothing is going on in the background and the shading looks rushed, but when you look at my character design you can see that it was thought out and had effort put into it. there is a scenic background and vibrant colors. I think I have grown as an artist by learning how to be more patient and being able to set a goal for myself. As I progressed I noticed that all my projects looked flat so I started taking time to look at my pictures as a whole and identify where to add value. I also think that learning how to mix different medias together was beneficial to me. I've found the techniques and medias that work best for me and learned from my mistakes.

4. In art we learned many different techniques and how to use various materials. we also learned how to mix all these medias together. I'm glad we got to learn this because I think it adds extra to a piece of artwork. Sometimes I get bored with using the same media so I like that I can choose to use more than one type of media. A good example of how we used mixed media is my visual journaling project. For this piece I used magazine cutouts, charcoal, tissue paper and I used water and tissue paper to create a wash in the background. Throughout the project I just thought of things as I went, I kind of went with the flow. Towards the end I figured out what my whole picture would actually mean. Learning this was very beneficial to me, it opened my eyes to switch up my medias and how to make a more abstract pictures.

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