Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book carving

Before I started carving I had to come up with a well thought out plan, first I had to figure out what I was going to carve and label my layers. Figuring out the layers was really important, if I would have started carving without figuring them out the project would have been so much more confusing. When I was carving the book I realized that I could only carve about 4 pages at a time which made the project take longer and was kind of frustrating. Another thing that frustrated me was sometimes the exacto knife would slip and make minor cuts in places I was supposed to cut. My theme was love so I decided to carve out a heart and in the pages I wrote the how do I love thee poem. I decided to call it the book of love. At first I didnt think carving a book was going to be so easy and I thought i would mess up. Once I actually started the project I started thinking positvely and ended up actually liking it. This was by far one of my favorite projects. 

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