Sunday, December 8, 2013

Figure drawing

The purpose of figure drawing is to show the proportion and shape of a body, I accomplished this by drawing the actual shape of each body part and making sure each body part was proportional to the rest of the body. The drawing exercise helped me to draw the figures a little faster than it would take to sit down and draw most actual drawings. I thought the charcoal pencils were really the best media to use because they were free and weren't thin or easy to break like the vine charcoal. I found figure drawing frustrating because it's hard to draw a proportional human figure within a minute because you want it all to be perfect.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Look how that animal moves

I used the prismacolors to show texture in the Fox by drawing out each individual strand of hair in the fur and value in the sky by making it slowly fade to make it look like a sunset. The animal was really supposed to be moving but I just wanted it to be a calm picture so I chose to have it sleeping. Throughout this project I learned how to show value and shadows really well in my  drawings. At the beginning of the project it was really frustrating to show the shadows in the picture because I was scared to really use the dark, I thought it was going to mess up the drawing.

Non traditional portrait

I chose to do a portrait of myself when I was younger. Different materials I thought of using was scrap book paper, buttons, and food coloring. I ended up using scrapbook paper which I thought would be easy but once I got to the face it was really hard so I just kept the facial features out, which ended up looking kinda cool. The material I used made the texture of my portrait a little rough, but i like it.

Sticky situation

For this project I chose being attacked by an animal I didn't really want to paint someone actually being attacked so it turned into cheetah spots falling off the cheetah. I think I was able to think outside of the box because spots dont actually fall off of cheetahs. The spots surrounding the animal incorporate rhythm and repetition. I used acrylic paint for this project so I could layer the paint. The mini lessons we did in class didn't really apply to my painting.