Art 2 final exam


1. My favorite and most successful piece would have to be my pumpkin painting. The painting wasn't a project but more of a mini lesson to get used to water color. It was around thanksgiving so we had to paint a pumpkin. Not only did I use water color but I used colored pencils and stippled with pen. The pen was used for shading, it also added a dramatic effect. I used the colored pencils for more vibrancy and a little more shading. Using all these medias made this pumpkin complete, without them the painting would be flat and dull. I had to take my time and think about where the light would be hitting the pumpkin. I plan on using this technique a lot more in the future.


2. There was so many problems I had to face in my sticky situation project. I decided to paint a cheetah running with a scenic background. Time was passing by too fast and it seemed like I was getting so little done because I was having to keep going over the sky to make it look like nightfall. Eventually I painted the background green and decided to go for an abstract look. In the background over top of the green I made a cheetah pattern going all around the cheetah. I ran out of time when trying to paint the cheetah, it didn't even have any spots on it. When feel good Friday came around I wasn't satisfied with it until I saw the comments then realized that me leaving the pattern off the cheetah made it look like the spots were falling off. The theme of sticky situation was to come up with a problematic situation and I actually ended up meeting that goal and it actually looked good.

3. As an artist I have grown a lot while taking this class. In my whats the point project piece there is not enough shading, and it just doesn't look right. The drawing needed more shading, color, and something going on in the background. When you look at my ribbon and up close and personal drawings you can see how much I have progressed. Now I can view in my mind where darks and light should be. I've learned how to set a concentration and exagerate it to make it pop. The use and practice of different medias is also another reason I have become a better artist. I've figured out which medias im better with and which techniques are best for me. Im proud of my progress and hope to continue to grow.

4. When I signed up for art 2 I expected to use projects using basic things like paint, pencils, and colored pencils. We actually learned how to use new things, includimg things ive never heard of. Ms. Rossi with came up with creative ideas for our projects that I never would have thought of. An example of one of these projects is the book carving. At first I thought negatively about this idea because carving layers into a book seems pretty difficult. Once I actually started to carve in it wasnt as hard as I thought. Book carving definitely requires patience, but it was totally worth it. There were some points where I wanted to just give up but when I thought about how it could turn out I contiued with the project. This lesson taught me that challenging yourself may be frustrating in the process but you will be so proud and happy with the outcome.

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